Oxygen therapy for all that need it

Suffolk Oxygen Therapy Centre is a charitable organisation that provides subsidised oxygen therapy to help people with sports injuries and conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, long covid and cancer across East Anglia. The centre is funded entirely from donations, grants and a programme of year round fund-raising activities.

Our aim is to support as many people as possible on their journey towards wellness and recovery by making oxygen therapy accessible to as many people as possible. We are guided by 4 key principles:

  • We are a service for all, everyone is treated the same no matter their condition or circumstance
  • We follow nationally set guidelines so all members can feel confident they are in safe hands
  • We operate with openness and honesty to ensure the charity is financially viable for the long term
  • We adapt to the needs of every member and hunt out solutions when faced with a new challenge

How it all started

The centre has helped thousands of people since it was established in 1983. Trustee and former chairperson Peter Sims was introduced to hyperbaric oxygen as a therapy for his MS. He felt the benefits immediately, so set about with a small band of helpers to raise funds to start the centre with its first chamber.

40 years on, the centre has three chambers and over 250 members. It’s one the largest and longest running oxygen centres in the country having helped thousands of people and carrying out more than 3,000 therapy sessions per year.

Through our fantastic fundraising community we now have a gym which offers a complementary therapy service with a range of power-assisted exercise machines.

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