What is oxygen therapy?

Oxygen therapy was discovered in the UK in 1805, it delivers 98% oxygen using pressure to drive more oxygen molecules into the tissues.

You may have heard the term, but you are still unsure what it is? Oxygen therapy is a painless, non-invasive, systemic, and specialised method of effectively enhancing the body’s natural healing ability. You’re breathing pure oxygen in a pressurised hyperbaric chamber allowing your lungs to gather much more oxygen than would be possible normally.

What does oxygen therapy do?

Some of the oxygen we take in with each breath is used in constantly repairing and rebuilding tissues. But at best we are breathing oxygen at around 21%. When breathing pure oxygen, we can heal and repair more efficiently.

There are times when the body is under stress and requires additional oxygen. Injury or illness may reduce blood flow, so the supply could be reduced, thereby limiting or preventing recovery. Without appropriate oxygen levels, the body’s natural healing process cannot function properly.

When the blood vessels in damaged tissues cannot deliver enough oxygen from breathing air, healing slows or may stop altogether. Breathing high levels of oxygen under barometric conditions dissolves more oxygen in the body’s fluids meaning it can reach areas where the circulation is diminished or blocked, and so improves recovery.

A course of twenty, one hour sessions has been shown to increase the stem cells in the circulation up to eight-fold. It will also keep infection under control as oxygen is used by white cells to destroy microbes.

Is oxygen therapy right for me?

Oxygen therapy is proven to help benefit people with a range of conditions including multiple sclerosis, long covid, cancer and more but also with general wellness and sport rehabilitation.

It’s important to remember that everyone is different, including symptoms and the severity of them. Oxygen therapy could help though. We recommend having a chat with your doctor and consultant, then giving us a call.

Here’s a short video from Fiona, out Membership Co-ordinator explaining how oxygen therapy works, its benefits and the services the centre offers. You can also read about how to start your oxygen therapy journey with us, or give Fiona a call on 01473 830359 for a chat.