It’s where it all started

Back in 1983 Peter Sims, a trustee of the centre today and former Chairman, was introduced to hyperbaric oxygen as a therapy for MS. He felt the benefits immediately – this is where it all started. In its early years the centre focused solely on providing therapy for people with MS, and over the years we have seen many people with MS benefit from the therapy. It works in 3 ways:

A helping hand

The process by which damage to the nervous system is caused in MS cannot be prevented by oxygen therapy. However, as the body normally heals itself using oxygen from the air, additional oxygen can help the body heal and limit some of the damage caused by MS. Breathing oxygen under pressure causes the dilated and leaky blood vessels to constrict back to normal size and reduces the swelling. The main benefits people see are typically an in improvement in:

  • Fatigue, balance, sensory perception
  • Control of bladder urgency and frequency
  • General mobility
  • Sleeping patterns

It’s important to remember that everyone is different, symptoms and the severity of them.  Oxygen therapy could help though.  See how it’s helped some of our members, their stories speak for themselves.


Louise has been coming to the centre for over 20 years to help with her MS, she’s seen life changing benefits and is now chair of the charity.

Paul & Paul

The two Pauls both have MS and between them have had 1600 oxygen therapy sessions and are great advocates of it and the centre.

We always recommend having a chat with your consultant first, and then give us a call on 01473 830359 and let us give you a helping hand.