Sit back and relax

If you’re new to oxygen therapy, you’re probably wondering, what’s the experience like and how does it feel? It’s non-invasive and painless, and having got used to the procedure most people find it relaxing. See for yourself what to expect when you come to the centre and what it’s like to have oxygen therapy in this short video.

At the centre we have 3 chambers of different sizes, each chamber is comfortably fitted out with chairs and tables. You may be on your own or with others, our largest chamber seats 6 people. When you start, one of the team will be with you to support you through your first sessions. Each session typically lasts 1.5 hours, and is best described in 3 phases:

Once you’re settled and the breathing equipment has all been checked, the chamber will be sealed and decompression starts. It takes about 15 minutes to reach the required depth for therapy, during which your ears may feel blocked and you need to clear them like when you’re going up or down in an aeroplane. Taking small sips of water helps.

When the chamber has reached the correct depth, it’s time to put on your oxygen mask. Once secure you just need to breathe normally, the equipment makes a soft pumping noise when you inhale the oxygen. You’re breathing pure oxygen for about an hour.

After an hour it's time to take your mask off and the chamber is slowly depressurised, again you may experience the same blocked ear feeling. The journey back up takes about 15 minutes.

All the time you are in the chamber you are being monitored by one of our technicians. There is a live video feed and a two way intercom system. The technician will explain what’s happening and every 15 minutes check that everyone’s all ok.

There aren’t any significant side effects, some people do feel tired or a bit lightheaded after oxygen therapy, it’s also quite common to have a good night’s sleep that evening!

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