Starting your oxygen therapy journey

Most of our members are new to oxygen therapy when they first visit the centre. They’re unsure what to expect and how to get started, but it’s pretty straightforward and the team is here to guide and support you all the way.

The first step is to have a short chat with Fiona, our Membership Coordinator about your reason for considering oxygen therapy and to understand your medical status and current condition. This can either be over the phone, online or in person at the centre, whichever you’d prefer. Shortly after this initial chat, we’ll email over your personalised information pack, tailor made to your medical condition, along with the forms that are needed for registration.

There’s a few forms to fill which should take no more than 20 minutes to complete. These forms include your consent to oxygen therapy, medication as well as other personal information. You can complete these online and email them to us, or you can print them out and bring them with you to your first session. Alternatively copies are available at the centre and we can help you fill them in.

Before you start your therapy, we’ll carry out an initial assessment where details of your symptoms will be recorded. Ultimately, we want to learn about your current symptoms at the start of your oxygen journey then learn how your body responds to oxygen therapy. When treating conditions that are new to us, we will discuss the symptoms and potential benefits of oxygen therapy with our National Medical Consultant (which we pay a membership toward) before proposing a therapy plan.

You’ll book your first session with Fiona, on your first visit to the centre we ask for you to arrive 45 minutes before your session is due to start. We’ll explain what’s going to happen, help you familiarise yourself with the equipment and answer any questions. You’ll be accompanied in the chamber by one of the team for your first session, they’re there to reassure you and make sure you’re all ok.

After every five sessions you’ll have a review with one of the team to understand how you are responding to the therapy and how we’re going to help you get the most from it going forward.

Ready to start your oxygen therapy journey? Call us on 01473 830359 and ask to speak to Fiona our Membership Coordinator, or fill in this form and Fiona will get back to you.